When is it the best time for renting a real estate?

For those who have ever faced the search for real estate to rent, it’s no secret that the seasonal factor plays a significant role in these issues. So when it’s the best time to rent an apartment?

Fall – a season of rush

In the period from the end of August to the middle of October, the demand for apartments and rooms in the rental market is sharply increasing, and as a consequence, housing prices are increasing by about 10-15%. This is relevant for large cities, where a variety of higher education institutions and colleges are concentrated. To reserve your future real estate, you’ll have to start with search earlier, because at the very beginning of the academic year, there too many hunters.

Winter – calm season

Winter time is probably the most convenient period for finding a real estate for rent. Prices are becoming more real, and there are a lot of options are available. You can rent a 3-room apartment from the owner at a price for which you could afford only 2-room in the autumn. In December and early January, offers for renting real estate on the market are not so diverse, but after New Year holidays and until early March, interesting real estate at an adequate price start appearing more and more often.

Spring – a season of price reduction

In spring, high-quality offers with stable prices prevail in the rental market. This is an excellent season for real estate search without unnecessary expenditure of nerves.

In this period there is a drop in demand and, accordingly, the cost of rent is reduced, however, not all segments of the rental market are the same.

Rent an inexpensive cottage for the summer is better in winter, right after the New Year holidays because of a lot of options with low prices.

Summer – a period of stability

Many residents of the city, wishing to earn a little, renting out their apartments at of 20-30% below the market prices. Such offers make changes in the overall picture of the market.

Daily rent, on the contrary, because of the arrival of seasonal workers and tourists, grows in price. There is demand for everything: both for renting rooms from the owner, and many people wishing to rent a 3-room luxury apartment. Therefore, if you want to rent a room in the summer you should make a reservation in the early spring.

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